Sunday, May 8, 2011

MayDay Wrap Up; Live & Learn

It has truly been a learning experience. I am convinced that there is more that can be done with this little computer to improve its usefulness. Out of the box, it really is no better than what they label it as, an Internet device. It takes just a few improvements, and a little determination. It's not fast; this is probably a combination of problems. The earlier models had greater problems, but they seem to have improved the little machines a bit.
I am sadly no longer convinced that out of the box these little computers are any more useful than what the package says. Mine works because I was willing to invest the time and dig. My concern is that the average person will buy them and be really turned off by what is in the box.
Fortunately, I've had the opportunity to learn computing with systems that had to be built on both the hardware and software levels. For $99, these little machines cost as much as many of the components of those older computers. It was good the best way to learn, at least for me.
Going to keep plugging away with this computer, obviously not giving up on it.
Pretty sure you'll be reading all about it here...

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