Sunday, April 17, 2011

And Another Thing...

Still on the Jornada here. I decided to see if I could read my blog from
my Jornada, but discovered that it always resulted in locking up Pocket
Internet Explorer. Knowing that adding the tag "?m=1" after the Blogger
address allowed for the site to work in Opera for my 7" netbook, I decided
to try the same here. Slightly better, still locked. Finally, noticed that
Google loaded in this device with another tag, "output=html".
What if we added that output tag, but changed it to text?
The combination that worked was "?m=1&output=text" ; for example...
Not elegant, but hey, it works!
On to more experimentation...
(Note - I had to come in here and clean this up with the netbook. Seems that email posts don't recognize HTML)

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